It is intricate, where elegance is in the details and antiquity etched to life on a malleable surface. At Cooper Bros, woodworking is treated with artesian level of dedication to the trade.


The magic for form lies between the needle and our team of talented craftspeople. Sewing is never anything less than the well practiced art of creation that delivers the durability and quality which we pride ourselves for.

Fabric selection

It is all about the vision – the match, the relationship between texture and light, and the luxury of hand. With a virtually unlimited library of patterns, textures, and performance quality fabrics at Cooper Bros., the question is “what do you envision”?


At Cooper Bros. quality is rooted from the start to the very finish. We do not compromise on the loved pieces that make it to our shops. Our skilled upholsters have an unparalleled hand at structuring with frames, padding, springs, and fabric.

Window Treatments

The window is the connection between our home and the outside world, so make it beautiful. Timeless and versatile, Cooper Bros. offers a wide range of window treatment solutions from textile drapery and delicate sheers, to decorative roman blinds.


Sanding and staining have the ability to unravel and emphasise the beauty of a piece and make it remarkable layer by layer.

The finished product is quality, durability and breathing velocity, all handcrafted with a diligent dedication to the art of it.

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